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Hartzell Engine Technologies Joins Tecnam In Celebrating The Delivery Of The First Two New-Generation P2012 Travellers To Launch Customer Cape Air

October 11, 2019

With advanced design and highly efficient engines, the new-generation P2012 has been created to be a more capable, comfortable and cost-efficient replacement for legacy twin-engine piston short haul commuter, and multi-mission aircraft.

Montgomery, AL (October 11, 2019) — Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) join with the team at Tecnam aircraft on the U.S. arrival and delivery of the first two, of a total of 100, new-generation P2012 Travellers to launch customer Cape Air.

“From its inception, the all-new Tecnam P2012 Traveller has been developed to not only replace legacy piston commuter aircraft but by delivering greater efficiencies and passenger comfort, they will help revitalize the short-haul airline industry around the world,” Keith Bagley, President, Hartzell Engine Technologies said. “Developing and certifying a new commercial aircraft is no small accomplishment and we are extremely proud of what we all have achieved.”

Bagley added that because these aircraft will be used in scheduled airline service, making many short flights in a day and undergoing frequent engine shut-downs and restarts, component durability and reliability is paramount.

“Our team has worked very closely with Tecnam, Lycoming and Cape Air, to ensure that all of our systems on the Traveller will deliver optimum value and reliability to P2012 operators around the world,” he said. “The goal from day one was to provide solutions that will help operators achieve the highest levels of reliability, while at the same time, benefiting from lower operating costs.”

Bagley said that to help achieve that goal Tecnam’s Traveller P2012’s pair of Lycoming TEO-540-C1A engines and cabin feature the latest HET components, including:

  • AeroForce turbocharger system
  • Fuelcraft fuel pump
  • Lightweight, Sky-Tec E-Drive starter with self-resetting kickback protection
  • Plane-Power alternator
  • HET Janitrol Aero I-Series cabin heater

“We are extremely proud that Tecnam has demonstrated the confidence and trust in selecting Hartzell Engine Technologies’ components for the Traveller and that the first two Travelers are already flying with launch customer,” Bagley said. “We look forward to celebrating the delivery of the one-hundredth P2012 to Cape Air.”

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