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Plane-Power Announces the Re-Introduction of Factory New Six-Phase Aircraft Alternators

January 8, 2019

Designed and manufactured using all-new discrete components, these new Plane-Power FAA-PMA certified six-phase belt- and gear-driven alternators deliver cooler operation, greater efficiency and increased durability compared to traditional three-phase units.


Montgomery, AL (January 8, 2019) — Keith Bagley, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET), makers of the Plane-Power brand of alternators, announced today that the company has re-introduced factory new versions of its models C28-150, C14-100 and ALT-FLX series of FAA-PMA certified, six-phase, belt- and gear-driven alternators.

“We are very happy to announce that we are now able to offer six-phase alternators manufactured from 100-percent factory new parts,” Bagley said. “The new family of six-phase alternators will replace the factory-rebuilt versions we had been selling.”

“We’re happy that we now have a supply chain in place to consistently provide new assemblies to our customers so they can take advantage of all the benefits of six-phase alternator technology including greater efficiency, very high output at idle and cooler operating temperatures,” he said. “The result are much more durable and reliable alternators than standard three-phase units.”

“In addition, because these alternators are produced using new discrete components we can offer aircraft manufacturers and modifiers the flexibility of producing customized belt- and gear-driven alternator mounts to meet their specific installation needs,” Bagley said. “That will enable them to provide their customers alternators that will more consistently meet the electrical needs of demanding applications, particularly those with electric air conditioning.”

With regards to pricing on the new six-phase alternators, Bagley said that thanks to manufacturing and purchasing efficiencies, the new alternators will carry pricing that is similar to the previous factory rebuilt versions.

Furthermore, Plane-Power will now offer a factory new loyalty exchange program for existing customers of six-phase models. Exchange units will be offered with a core credit equal to 30 percent of the list price of a new replacement alternator.

For a complete list of the new Plane-Power six-phase, belt- and gear-driven alternators, please visit:

Photo of Plane-Power C28-150 / C14-100 Series Gear Driven 6-Phase Alternator
Photo of Plane-Power ALT-FLX Series Belt Driven 6-Phase Alternator
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