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Hartzell Engine Technologies Is Providing AeroForce Turbochargers For Two Sport Class Racing Teams For The 2019 Stihl National Championship Air Races And Air Show

September 4, 2019

The company has provided new-generation AeroForce turbochargers and technical support for Grove Racing’s twin-turbocharged Lancair Super Legacy, “GA181” and for the twin-turbocharged Nemesis NXT, “Relentless.”

Montgomery, AL (September 4, 2019) — Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) have announced that the company is supplying new-generation AeroForce turbochargers and engineering technical support for two popular Sport Class air racing teams competing in the 2019 Stihl National Championship Air Races and Air Show in Reno, Nevada.

“We are extremely excited to be a part of the world’s fastest sporting event – the 2019 Stihl National Championship Air Races,” stated Hartzell Engine Technologies’ President, Keith Bagley. “Flying fast and low, Reno pushes pilots, airplanes, and technologies to their absolute limits and, for us, it’s the perfect venue to demonstrate the advanced design, manufacturing and testing that goes into every new AeroForce turbocharger.”

“The AeroForce turbocharger team has been very fortunate to have developed outstanding relationships with two top race pilots: Karl Grove, owner/pilot of race GA181 and Kevin Eldredge, owner/pilot of Relentless,” he said. “Both of these amazing super sport class racing aircraft are powered by highly-modified Lycoming-type, twin-turbocharged engines. To be competitive, each engine produces over 700 horsepower at high-density altitudes and temperatures.”

“In addition to the AeroForce turbochargers and related components, our engineers have worked closely with both race teams to ensure that the turbocharger system will provide both the increased boost and reliability need to achieve Reno race speeds,” stated Dick Vincent, AeroForce Systems Support, Hartzell Engine Technologies. “While that’s a lot to ask of any mechanical system, we’re extremely confident that the AeroForce turbochargers will deliver the maximum performance and reliability they need to bring home some Reno gold in 2019.”


Relentless owner/pilot, Kevin Eldredge

“One of our biggest improvement for the 2019, Stihl National Championship Air Races has been the development of a turbo system specifically tuned by the AeroForce product team for our race environment,” Eldredge said. “In the past, we took stock turbo systems designed for high altitude and about 40-inches of manifold pressure and pushed them to extreme limits down at 5,000 feet and about 80-inches [of manifold pressure].”

“5,000 feet MSL is not where turbochargers typically deliver their best performance, but these AeroForce turbos are meeting every one of our expectations,” he said. “Everyone at Hartzell Engine Technologies and, in particular, our AeroForce representative Dick Vincent, have been exceptionally helpful in preparing the twin turbocharger system to deliver optimum performance in Reno race conditions.”


GA181 owner/Pilot, Karl Grove

“As a competitive racer in the Super Sport arena we need every available edge as well as outstanding support,” Grove said. “Creating the ‘magic sauce’ doesn’t happen easily and working with the talented people at companies like HET allows us to develop high-performance systems that fit our needs and scope of racing.”

“The AeroForce engineers have created a mission-specific turbocharger system that excels in our range of horsepower, altitude, and engine torque,” he said. “Exceeding expectations is their USP (unique selling proposition) and what separates their aircraft-specific products from those modified from the high-performance automotive arena.”

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