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Superior Air Parts Selects Plane-Power Alternators

January 25, 2007

January 24, 2007 — Superior Air Parts Selects Plane-Power Lightweight Alternators as Standard Equipment on All O-360 and IO-360 Engine Models

Superior Air Parts of Coppell, Texas has selected Plane-Power’s new lightweight alternators for use on all of the company’s O-360 and IO-360 engines including the FAA certified Vantage Engine® and the experimental XP-360 Engine(tm) series.

“We are continually working to find ways to improve the reliability, performance and value of every engine and component we sell,” Timothy T. Archer, President and CEO, Superior Air Parts said. “Whether that is developing components like our modern technology ESR crankshafts or partnering with innovative vendors like Plane-Power, our goal is to lead the industry in bringing our customers the very best engines and engine components.”

“We didn’t take the selection of a new alternator supplier lightly,” Archer said. “We looked at them all, and Plane-Power’s lightweight alternators not only save valuable weight, but they also exceed all of our performance requirements.”

Plane-Power alternators provide exceptional performance in a number of key areas including:

  • Lighter weight than traditional aircraft alternators
  • Increased electrical output at low engine RPMs
  • Full-rated output at typical aircraft engine cruise RPM
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Reduced vibration
  • Longer service life

Steve Klodd, General Manager of Plane-Power, Ltd. expresses the company’s appreciation of Superior’s selection of the Plane-Power product line. “Plane-Power’s engineering team has poured an amazing amount of time, energy and equity into the design, development and certification of all new alternator designs for aviation. Superior’s selection of Plane-Power reinforces the fact that we got the product right and that its performance surpasses that of any other alternator in the industry.”

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