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Plane Power Announces New Lightweight Aircraft Alternator Kit available for EXPERIMENTAL aircraft

December 26, 2005

Granbury, Texas — December 26, 2005 — Plane Power, Ltd. announces general availability of an all-new, lightweight alternator kit for experimental aircraft.

The new experimental alternator extends Plane-Power’s expanding line of PMA certified and experimental aircraft alternators with a lightweight, compact alternator that weighs only 6.9 lbs. and generates a full 60 amps of output at typical cruise RPM. As a result of Plane Power, Ltd.’s commitment to using advanced technologies and materials throughout development and testing, the new alternators not only weigh less than traditional aircraft alternators, but also surpass OEM alternators in nearly every category including:


  • increased electrical output at lower engine RPMs,
  • full-rated output at typical aircraft engine cruise RPMs,
  • lower operating temperatures,
  • reduced vibration, and
  • longer service life.


Most of these advances are made possible through the use of improved materials, tighter assembly tolerances, new semiconductor technology, and an advanced dual fan design that was specifically designed and engineered for aircraft engine rotation.  Many experimental aircraft today fly with loosely adapted automotive alternator designs that were designed for automobile engines that rotate in the opposite the direction from aircraft engines.  For this reason alone, automotive alternators, while deceivingly low cost to purchase, often lead to more cost and headaches for experimental aircraft owners over time.  Plane-Power alternators provide an affordable and sensible solution designed to last far beyond the limited service life of automotive alternator adaptations and in the long run, provide a lower cost solution – especially as packaged in Plane-Power’s exclusive complete alternator kit.


Plane-Power alternator kits ship as a complete ready-to-install aircraft electrical charging system including:

  • 60 amp, 12/14 volt alternator
  • an integrated advanced design voltage regulator,
  • integrated overvoltage protection and fail-safe crowbar,
  • alternator belt,
  • new bracketry for most Lycoming/Superior engine installations, and mounting hardware.


Plane-Power alternators are available from Plane-Power dealers.  Contact us for more information.


About Plane-Power

Granbury, Texas-based Plane Power, Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of lightweight, belt-driven alternators for experimental and certified general aviation piston aircraft.

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