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Hartzell Engine Technologies Announces New Applications In Military and UAV Markets For Legacy Technologies

April 13, 2021

HET-manufactured turbochargers, alternators, and other components are being used in a variety of emerging technology applications from compression-ignition engines to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Montgomery, AL (April 13, 2021) — Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies, LLC (HET) announced today that the company has recently made some significant strides in introducing its various products and components into emerging technologies.

“While the core of our business has been and will always be general aviation aircraft owners and maintainers, I have to say that stepping out and exploring some alternate applications has been very exciting,” stated Keith Bagley, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies. “Every day, we’re learning about new ways our products can be used in some very innovative new applications.”

Bagley explained that while a number of projects in HET’s Montgomery-based “Skunk Works” are still in the early development stages, a few are far enough along to talk about.

“HET was recently awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the U.S. Army to develop and demonstrate a new turbocharger for a 180-horsepower compression ignition engine,” he said. “The goal is for the turbocharger to deliver reliable boost at altitudes up to 30,000 feet.”

“Another set of interesting applications we are currently working on is for our popular line of Plane-Power ALT-FLX alternators. The goal is to modify them for use on some unique UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) applications,” Bagley added. “The ALT-FLX alternators are specifically designed to delivery very clean and reliable electrical energy, even under lower engine-power operations. These alternators provide best in class performance in a lightweight package.”

Bagley further explained that key to both of these projects’ success is the HET engineering’s team’s ability to build off existing product and legacy design data to modify current products to meet the unique design requirements called-for in these new applications.

As HET continues to explore new and unique technologies, they have also focused in on using emerging production methods like additive manufacturing as a way to expand their capabilities beyond current technology constraints.

“We’ve been working with Auburn, Alabama’s Additive Manufacturing Accelerator (AMA) program to understand how we can use emerging technologies like 3D printing to manufacture highly precise, difficult-to-machine components,” he said. “We recently completed the first 3D product build at the AMA facility. It’s going very well, and we’re very encouraged about what that technology can mean to our entire product line.”




Plane-Power ALT-FLX Alternator

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