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Hartzell Engine Technologies Posts Two New Educational Videos on its YouTube Channel

June 29, 2018


Newly posted videos are: “Bearing Clearance Check for Garrett-style Turbochargers” and “Proper Installation of a Gear-Drive Alternator on a Permold Continental Engine.

One way to help ensure that your aircraft’s engine and its components will get you to TBO is through proper inspections and maintenance. And as the leader in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of key engine components like turbochargers and alternators – nobody knows more about keeping them healthy than the experts at HET.

“Unfortunately, we see it all too often where a technician has improperly installed a component or done an incorrect inspection. And the mistake is often on the seemingly simple things,” stated Tim Gauntt, Director of Product Support. “An example is the proper way to install a gear-driven alternator on a Continental engine. If you get the gear coupling incorrect it can lead to anything from wrecking the alternator to catastrophic engine failure.”

This problem was highlighted by the FAA’s recent issuance of a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB), NE-18-16 on the subject.


Bearings need love too.

In much the same way a gear-driven alternator must be installed correctly, the need to properly inspect the bearing clearance on an aircraft’s Garrett-style turbocharger can make a huge difference in whether or not the unit makes it to TBO.

“It’s easy to forget that an aircraft’s turbocharger turns at speeds over 100,000 RPM and that puts tremendous stress on the unit’s bearings,” he explained. “Inspecting those bearings for proper axial and radial play isn’t difficult, it just takes time and it has to be done in the right way.”

“Technicians are busy and they can miss some critical points,” Gauntt said. “That’s why we’ve invested in creating our popular video series. In a few minutes, technicians can get a refresher on how to properly perform some key tasks.”

Along with the new newest subjects: “Bearing Clearance Check for Garrett-style turbochargers” and “Proper Installation of a Gear-Drive Alternator on a Permold Continental Engine,” Hartzell’s YouTube channel has other valuable videos including:

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