Lycoming E-Drive Series


  • Lightweight neodymium permanent magnet motor
  • In line design
  • Self-resetting torque limiter for kickback protection
  • Internal solenoid engagement
  • Drive pinion supported by bearings on both ends
Part # Availability Volt Ring Gear Teeth Solenoid Position Rotation Weight
ELB-8011 New 24 149 CCW
Replaces: Lyc LW-14214, Sky-Tec 149-NLR/EC, MHB-4014, MHB-6014, PM2404
ELZ-8021 New 12 149 CCW
Replaces: Lyc LW-14215, Sky-Tec 149-NLR, MZ-4220, MZ-6220, PM1204
ERB-8011 New 24 149 CW
Replaces: Lyc 31B21064, Sky-Tec 149-24PM, Sky-Tec 149-24LS, MHB-4001, MHB-4002, MHB-4003, MHB-4005, MHB-4007, MHB-4010, MHB-4011, MHB-4012, MHB-4013, MHB-4016, MHB-4017, MHB-4018, MHB-4019, MHB-4020, MHB-6014, MHB-6016, MHB-6018, MHB-EO-26102, PM2401
ERB-8012 New 24 122 CW
Replaces: Lyc 31B21211, Sky-Tec 122-24PM, Sky-Tec 122-24LS, Delco 1109669, MHB-4015, MHB-6015, MMU-4001, MMU-6001
ERZ-8011 New 12 149 CW
Replaces: Lyc 31A21198, Sky-Tec 149-12PM, Sky-Tec 149-12LS, MZ-4205, MZ-4206, MZ-4207, MZ-4217, MZ-4218, MZ-4219, MZ-4221, MZ-4222, MZ-4223, MZ-4224, MZ-4225, MZ-4226, MZ-6222, MZ-6224, PM1201
ERZ-8012 New 12 122 CW
Replaces: Lyc 31A21210, Sky-Tec 122-12PM, Sky-Tec 122-12LS, MZ-4204, MZ-6204, PM1203
While the products listed are direct replacements for existing aircraft installations, there is no guarantee our recommendations are absolute due to unforeseen variations, modifications, and/or manufacturer changes to an aircraft/rotorcraft or engine over the years. Please reference the Application Charts.