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CD21253 (Thermostat, Universal)

Manufacturer Part # Make/TCH Model/Series Supplement
Janitrol Aero, Hartzell Engine Technologies 05D97, A05D97 14D25, A14D25 34D41, 52D43 52D43-1, 68D01 71C08 Aerostar Aircraft Corporation PA-60-600, PA-60-601, PA-60-601P, PA-60-602P, PA-60-700P 32
South Wind 715996 721959, 721959-1 Beechcraft Corporation D18C, D18S, E18S, E18S-9700, G18S, H18, JRB-6, 3N, 3NM, 3TM, 50, B50, C50, D50, D50A, D50B, D50C, D50E, D50E-5990, E50, F50, G50, H50, J50, 58, 58A, 58P, 58PA, 58TC, 58TCA, 76, 95, B95, B95A, D95A, E95, 95-55, 95-A55. 95-B55, 95-B55A, 95B55B, 95-C55, 95-C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A, 56TC, A56TC 32
Bombardier Inc. CL-215-1A10. 32
Textron Aviation Inc. (Cessna) 190, 195, 310, 310A, 310B, 310C, 310D, 310E, 310F, 310G, E310H, 310H, 310I, 310J, 310J-1, E310J, 310K, 310L, 310N, 310P, 310Q, T310Q, 310R, T310R, 320, 320-1, 320A, 320B, 320C, 320D, 320E, 320F, 335, 336, 337, T337A, 337B, M337B, T337B, 337C, T337C, 337D, T337D, 337E, T337E, 337F, T337F, 337G, T337G, 337H, P337H, T337H, T337H-SP, 340, 340A, 401, 401A, 401B, 402, 402A, 402B, 402C, 404, 411, 411A, 414, 414A, 421, 421A, 421B, 421C, 425, T303 32
Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. 700, 710 32
Vulcanair S.p.A. (Partenavia) P.68, P.68B, P.68C, P.68C-TC, P.68 "OBSERVER", P.68TC "OBSERVER", P.68 "OBSERVER 2" 32
Piaggio & C. P.136-L, P.136-L1, P.136-L2 32
Piper Aircraft, Inc. PA-23, PA-23-160, PA-23-235, PA-23-250, PA-E23-250, PA-30, PA-31, PA-31-300, PA-31-325, PA-31-350, PA-31P, PA-31T, PA-31T1, PA-31T2, PA-31T3, PA-31P-350, PA-34-200, PA-34-200T, PA-34-220T, PA-39, PA-40, PA-44-180, PA-44-180T 32
Revo, Incorporated Lake LA-4, LA-4A, LA-4P, LA-4-200, LA-250 32
Twin Commander Aircraft LLC 500, 500-A, 500-B, 500-U, 500-S, 520, 560-A, 560-E, 560-F. 680, 680-E, 680-F, 680-FL, 680-FL(P), 680-T, 680-V, 680-W, 681, 685, 690, 690A, 690B, 690C, 690D, 695, 695A, 695B, 700, 720 32
Emerald Enterprises LTD. (Wing) D-1 32

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