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PMA Eligibility: Starters

122-12HT (Starter)
122-12LS (Starter)
122-12PM (Starter)
122-12XLT (Starter)
122-24HT (Starter)
122-24LS (Starter)
122-24PM (Starter)
122-24XLT (Starter)
122-HT/EC (Starter)
122NL (Starter)
122NL/EC (Starter)
149-12HT (Starter)
149-12HTL (Starter)
149-12LS (Starter)
149-12PM (Starter)
149-12XLT (Starter)
149-24HT (Starter)
149-24HTL (Starter)
149-24LS (Starter)
149-24PM (Starter)
149-24XLT (Starter)
149-HT/EC (Starter)
149NL (Starter)
149NL/EC (Starter)
149NLR (Starter)
149NLR/EC (Starter)
71002 (KCSW Kit (Push button starter switch assemble & placard))
C12ST2 (Starter)
C12ST2/S (Starter)
C12ST2/SR (Starter)
C12ST3 (Starter)
C12ST4 (Starter)
C12ST5 (Starter)
C24ST3 (Starter)
C24ST4 (Starter)
C24ST5 (Starter)
ELB-8011 (Starter Assy, 12/14-24 volt-CCW)
ELZ-8021 (Starter Assy, 12/14-12 volt-CCW)
ERB-8011 (Starter)
ERB-8012 (Starter)
ERZ-8011 (Starter)
ERZ-8012 (Starter)
ES646238-2 (Starter Assembly)
ES646238-3 (12 Volt Starter Motor)
ES646275-1 (Motor - Starter 24 Volt)
ES653575 (Starter Clutch)
F12ST2 (Starter)
F24ST2 (Starter)
MCL-6501 (Starter)
MHB-4014 (Starter Motor)
MHB-4016 (Starter Motor)
MHB-4016A (Starter)
MHB-4018 (Starter Motor)
MHB-4019 (Starter)
MHB-4019R (Starter)
MHB-4020 (Starter Motor)
MHJ-4003S (Starter)
MHJ-4003S (Starter)
MHJ-4004 (Starter Motor)
MMU-4001 (Starter Motor)
MMU-6001 (Starter Assembly 24 volt)
MRB-7000 (Starter Assy, 24 volt)
MRZ-7000 (Starter Assy, 12 volt)
MZ-4204 (Starter)
MZ-4204R (Starter)
MZ-4214 (Starter Motor)
MZ-4220 (Starter Motor)
MZ-4222 (Starter Motor)
MZ-4224 (Starter Motor)
MZ-4226 (Starter Motor)
MZ-6204 (Starter Assembly 12 Volt)
PM1201 (Starter Assy., 12V, 12/14 Pitch)
PM1203 (Starter Assy., 12V, 10/12 Pitch)
PM1204 (Starter Assy., 12V, 12/14 Pitch)
PM1207 (Starter Assy., 12V)
PM2401 (Starter Assy., 24V, 12/14 Pitch)
PM2403 (Starter Assy., 24V, 10/12 Pitch)
PM2404 (Starter Assy., 24V, 12/14 Pitch)
PM2407 (Starter Assy., 24V)
SRB-9021 (Starter)
SRB-9022 (Starter)
SRB-9031 (Starter)
SRB-9032 (Starter)
SRZ-9021 (Starter)
SRZ-9022 (Starter)
SRZ-9031 (Starter)
SRZ-9032 (Starter)
STS-A12 (Solenoid Contactor – Auxiliary Power or Battery Master)
STS-A24 (Solenoid Contactor – Auxiliary Power or Battery Master)
STS-M12 (Solenoid Contactor – Battery Master)
STS-M24 (Solenoid Contactor – Battery Master)
STS-S12 (Solenoid Contactor - Starter)
STS-S24 (Solenoid Contactor – Battery Master)

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