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PMA Eligibility: Heating Systems

23D04 (Fuel Regulator and Shutoff Valve)
3021 (Fuel Regulator)
3131 (Air Blower Assy.)
3169 (Air Blower Assy.)
3253 (Air Blower Assembly)
4759 (Switch Duct Adjust)
4791 (Fuel Pump)
4792 (Fuel Pump)
52D43 (Switch Assembly)
90D39-1 (Air Blower Assy.)
90D39-2 (Air Blower Assy.)
91E92-1 (Switch Assembly)
91E93-1 (Switch Assembly)
A23D04-7.5 (Fuel Regulator and Shutoff Valve)
CD06D52 (Diaphragm)
CD09D77 (Gasket)
CD10E75-3 (Spark Plug)
CD11003K30 (Heater Kit 30)
CD11004-1 (Heater)
CD11004K16 (Heater Kit 16)
CD11005-1 (Heater)
CD11005K1 (Heater Kit 1)
CD11005K2(C) (Heater Kit 2A(c))
CD11005K2(F) (Heater Kit 2A(f))
CD11006-1 (Heater)
CD11006K2 (Heater Kit 2B)
CD11007-1 (Heater)
CD11007K8 (Heater Kit )
CD11014 (Heater)
CD11014-1 (Heater)
CD11049 (Heater)
CD11049-1 (Heater)
CD11050 (Heater)
CD11050-1 (Heater)
CD11214-1 (Heater)
CD11214K5 (Heater Kit 5)
CD11215-1 (Heater)
CD11215K6 (Heater Kit 6)
CD12003 (Heater)
CD12003-1 (Heater)
CD12004 (Heater)
CD12004-1 (Heater)
CD12006-1 (Heater)
CD12006K4 (Heater Kit 4)
CD12007-1 (Heater)
CD12008K23R (Heater Kit 23R )
CD12009 (Heater)
CD12009-1 (Heater)
CD12010 (Heater)
CD12010-1 (Heater)
CD12011-1 (Heater)
CD12011K7 (Heater Kit 7)
CD12012 (Heater)
CD12012-1 (Heater)
CD12015K26 (Heater Kit )
CD12016K23R (Heater Kit 23)
CD12017K27L (Heater Kit 27)
CD12018K27L (Heater Kit 27)
CD12022 (Heater)
CD12022-1 (Heater)
CD12030K41 (Heater Kit 41)
CD12031 (Heater)
CD12031-1 (Heater)
CD12031K9 (Heater Kit)
CD12032 (Heater)
CD12032-1 (Heater)
CD12036 (Heater)
CD12036-1 (Heater)
CD12039 (Heater)
CD12039-1 (Heater)
CD12043 (Heater)
CD12043-1 (Heater)
CD12043K10 (Heater Kit 10)
CD12044 (Heater)
CD12044-1 (Heater)
CD12059 (Heater)
CD12059-1 (Heater)
CD12060 (Heater)
CD12060-1 (Heater)
CD12061 (Heater)
CD12061-1 (Heater)
CD12064 (Heater)
CD12064-1 (Heater)
CD12065 (Heater)
CD12065-1 (Heater)
CD12089 (Heater)
CD12089-1 (Heater)
CD12090 (Heater)
CD12090-1 (Heater)
CD12091-1 (Heater)
CD12091K11 (Heater Kit)
CD12099 (Heater)
CD12099-1 (Heater)
CD12188-1 (Heater)
CD12189 (Heater)
CD12189-1 (Heater)
CD12C60 (Vibrator)
CD14010-1 (Heater)
CD14010K3 (Heater Kit 3)
CD14019 (Heater)
CD14019-1 (Heater)
CD14020 (Heater)
CD14020-1 (Heater)
CD14025 (Heater)
CD14025-1 (Heater)
CD14026 (Heater)
CD14026-1 (Heater)
CD14027 (Heater)
CD14027-1 (Heater)
CD14028K32 (Heater Kit 32)
CD14045-1 (Heater)
CD14045K17 (Heater Kit 17)
CD14046-1 (Heater)
CD14046K18 (Heater Kit 18)
CD14048 (Heater)
CD14048-1 (Heater)
CD14050-1 (Heater)
CD14050K13 (Heater Kit 13)
CD14060-1 (Heater)
CD14060K14 (Heater Kit 14)
CD14066 (Heater)
CD14066-1 (Heater)
CD14070 (Heater)
CD14070-1 (Heater)
CD14071 (Heater)
CD14071-1 (Heater)
CD14072 (Heater)
CD14072-1 (Heater)
CD14073 (Heater)
CD14073-1 (Heater)
CD14075 (Heater)
CD14075-1 (Heater)
CD14076K32 (Heater Kit 32)
CD14077 (Heater)
CD14077-1 (Heater)
CD14078 (Heater)
CD14078-1 (Heater)
CD14125 (Heater)
CD14125-1 (Heater)
CD14126 (Heater)
CD14126-1 (Heater)
CD14127 (Heater)
CD14152 (Heater)
CD14152-1 (Heater)
CD14186 (Heater)
CD14186-1 (Heater)
CD14187 (Heater)
CD14188 (Heater)
CD14190 (Heater)
CD14190-1 (Heater)
CD14190K31 (Heater Kit 31)
CD14192 (Heater)
CD14192-1 (Heater)
CD14C14 (Coil Assembly)
CD14E00 (Vibrator)
CD20000 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20001 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20001A (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20003 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20004 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20007 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20008 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20027 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20041 (Tube Assembly, Pressurized)
CD20043 (Tube Assembly, Pressurized)
CD20044 (Tube Assembly, Pressurized)
CD20045 (Tube Assembly, Pressurized)
CD20046 (Tube Assembly, Pressurized)
CD20048 (Tube Assembly, Pressurized)
CD20049 (Tube Assembly, Pressurized)
CD20051 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD20430 (Jacket)
CD20431 (Jacket)
CD20639 (Fan Wheel)
CD20654A (Switch, Heater (12V))
CD20654B (Switch, Heater (24V))
CD20696 (Gasket)
CD20800 (Regulator)
CD20801 (Regulator)
CD20803 (Regulator)
CD21020 (Head,.Inline)
CD21021 (Head, Staggered)
CD21063 (Head, Old Style)
CD21068 (Gasket, Rope Kit)
CD21153 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21154 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21155 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21156 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21157 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21159 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21160 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21161 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21163 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21164 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21166 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21168 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21169 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21170 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21171 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21176 (Nozzle, Fuel)
CD21184 (Fuel Pump)
CD21184A (Fuel Pump)
CD21185 (Fuel Pump)
CD21185A (Fuel Pump)
CD21186 (Fuel Pump)
CD21190 (Pump, Motor Assembly)
CD21192 (Solenoid)
CD21193 (Solenoid)
CD21194 (Solenoid)
CD21195 (Solenoid)
CD21196 (Fuel Pump)
CD21197 (Fuel Pump)
CD21198 (Kit Fuel Regulator O/H)
CD21236 (Ignition, Complete)
CD21250 (Universal Lead Kit)
CD21252 (Switch, Universal Temp)
CD21253 (Thermostat, Universal)
CD21255 (Control, Thermostat Rotary Rheostat)
CD21285 (Nozzle)
CD21295 (Fuel Nozzle Holder)
CD21297 (Fuel Nozzle Holder)
CD21298 (Fuel Nozzle Holder)
CD21330 (Kit, Lead Repair)
CD21331 (Kit, Coil Insulator)
CD21340 (Filter Assembly, Inline)
CD21346 (Filter & O-ring Repair Kit)
CD21348 (O-ring)
CD21379 (Mount, Shock)
CD21380 (Ignition, Complete (12V))
CD21381 (Ignition, Complete (24V))
CD21384 (Fan,4 Blade)
CD21385 (Adaptor, Elbow)
CD21386 (Mount, Ignition)
CD21387 (Mount, Ignition )
CD21388 (Mount, Ignition)
CD21399 (Linear Rheostat)
CD21401 (Motor, Universal 12 Volt)
CD21402 (Motor, Universal 24 Volt)
CD21412 (Bearing)
CD21417 (Exhaust Shroud Gasket)
CD21426 (Switch, Overheat)
CD21428 (Switch, Air)
CD21430 (Switch, Air)
CD21442 (Switch, Overheat)
CD21500 (Ignition, Universal)
CD21501 (Number Plate)
CD21502 (Number Plate)
CD21503 (Label, Operation)
CD21505 (Terminal Block)
CD21516 (Gasket)
CD21517 (Gasket)
CD21518 (Gasket)
CD21520 (Mount, Isolation)
CD21562 (Fuel Shutoff Assembly)
CD21600 (Heater Control Switch)
CD21968 (Pump, Fuel Assy 12V)
CD21969 (Pump, Fuel Assy 24V)
CD22030 (Spark Plug Assembly)
CD22040 (Spark Plug)
CD22050 (Spark Plug)
CD22058 (Regulator Shutoff Assembly)
CD22070 (Spark Plug Assy)
CD22185 (Fuel Kit)
CD22550 (Kit, Air Switch)
CD28100 (Combustion Tube Assembly)
CD29111 (Pump, 24V Fuel Assy)
CD29112 (Pump, 12V Fuel Assy)
CD29115 (Pump, 12v Fuel Assy)
CD29122 (Pump,24V Fuel Assy)
CD29124 (Regulator Assembly)
CD29127 (Regulator Assembly)
CD29151 (Distribution Modification Kit)
CD30004 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30008 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30016 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30017 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30018 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30019 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30020 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30021 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30022 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30024 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD30500 (Fan, 4 blade mini)
CD31073 (Electrode)
CD31077 (Washer, Ground Electrode)
CD31078 (Washer, Ground Electrode)
CD31104 (Ignition, Complete)
CD31110 (Blower Assembly)
CD31111 (Spark Plug Assembly)
CD31120 (Coil Assembly)
CD31206 (Spark Plug Assembly)
CD31207 (Spark Plug Assembly)
CD31215 (Brush)
CD31216 (Bearing)
CD32000 (Tube, Universal Combustion (S200))
CD39D18 (Spark Plug)
CD40000 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD40000-N/S (Head, Universal Kit)
CD40400 (Tube, Universal Combustion)
CD40404 (Jacket)
CD40406 (Jacket)
CD40407 (Jacket)
CD40610 (Kit, Airflow/ Switch Assembly)
CD40618 (Shelf Assembly)
CD40690 (Kit, Airflow/Switch Assembly)
CD40700 (Spark Plug)
CD41104 (Shaft)
CD41106 (Bearing)
CD41107 (Bearing, Arm)
CD41109 (Valve, Umbrella)
CD41111 (Bearing, Drive)
CD41200 (Ignition, Complete)
CD41210 (Number Plate)
CD41381 (Ignition Unit)
CD41410 (Motor, Mount)
CD41420 (Housing, Blower)
CD41421 (Housing, Blower)
CD41422 (Housing, Blower)
CD41423 (Housing, Blower )
CD41423 (Housing, Blower )
CD41424 (Housing, Blower )
CD41429 (Housing, Blower )
CD41430 (Housing, Blower )
CD474363 (Gasket)
CD488636 (Tube Assembly)
CD52050 (24Volt Combustion Heater Pump)
CD52051 (Pump,12V Fuel Assy)
CD52054 (Pump,24V Fuel Assy)
CD60002 (Screw)
CD60003 (Screw)
CD60004 (Screw)
CD60005 (Screw)
CD60006 (Screw)
CD60007 (Screw)
CD60010 (Nut)
CD60011 (Nut)
CD60015 (Screw)
CD60018 (Screw)
CD60051 (Screw)
CD60056 (Screw)
CD60080 (Washer)
CD60081 (Nut)
CD60082 (Nut)
CD60098 (Washer)
CD60104 (Washer)
CD60108 (O-Ring)
CD60177 (Washer)
CD60296 (Screw)
CD60332 (Washer)
CD60535 (Spark Plug Grommet)
CD65C65 (Coil, Ignition)
CD714722 (Pad)
CD719843 (Coil, Ignition)
CD735736 (Kit, Fuel Pump Overhaul)
CD89A67 (Diaphragm)
CD93C31 (Coil, Igntion)
CDA07D67 (Single Strip Wheel)
CDA09D77 (Gasket)
CDL21035 (Dataplate, Repair Station )
RA-10E74-1 (Mixer Head)
RA-14D29 (Gasket, O.H)
RA-17D86 (Gasket)
RA-21187 (Filter, Facet Pump)
RA-21188 (Gasket, Electric Pump)
RA-21450 (Brush, Assembly .25" x .25")
RA-21450-1 (Brush, Kit (2 brushes))
RA-21451 (Brush, .25" x .25")
RA-21452 (Brush, Assembly .25" x .375")
RA-21452-3 (Brush, Kit (2 brushes) .25" x .375")
RA-21453 (Brush, .25" x .375")
RA-21454 (Spring, Brush)
RA-21455 (Spring, Load)
RA-25T57-3-1 (Brush)
RA-25T64-1*1 (Brush)
RA-29D28 (Gasket, Head)
RA-40000-O/S (Head, Universal Kit)
RA-41105 (Diaphragm Assembly)
RA-41112 (Plug Cap)
RA-41401 (Motor, Comb/Pump 24V)
RA-41405 (Brush, Permanent Magnet)
RA-41411 (Bumper, Isolation)
RA-41413 (Mount, Isolation)
RA-41414 (Plug, Grommet)
RA-41425 (Switch, Overheat Kit)
RA-41426 (Switch, Overheat Kit)
RA-41427 (Switch, Overheat Kit)
RA-45A28 (Washer, Copper)
RA-474669 (Gasket)
RA-474942 (Ignitor Assembly)
RA-476229 (Gasket, Washer)
RA-477727 (Gasket)
RA-488478 (Plunger Assembly)
RA-52A02 (Gasket, Head)
RA-54A35 (Spark, Plug)
RA-55D91 (Gasket, Nozzle Holder)
RA-57D27 (Filter)
RA-700146 (Mount, Isolation)
RA-704883 (O-Ring)
RA-704983 (Kit, Nozzle and Solenoid Service)
RA-711222 (Gasket)
RA-715129 (Spark, Plug)
RA-715167 (Gasket)
RA-718768-22 (O-Ring)
RA-719842 ()
RA-720012 (Washer, Sealing)
RA-720141 (O-Ring)
RA-720962 (Gasket)
RA-720963 (Gasket)
RA-720965 (Gasket)
RA-722026 (Screen, Inlet)
RA-722040 (Mixer Assembly)
RA-723349-1 (Kit, Air Flow)
RA-735059 (Gasket, O-Ring)
RA-735111 (Gasket)
RA-735411 (Seal)
RA-81D13-1 (Capacitor)
RA-82A52 (Gasket, Air Inlet)
RA-82A54 (Gasket, Air Inlet)
RA-83A45 (Gasket, Spark Plug Housing)
RA-83D55-1 (Mixer)
RA-87A37 (Gasket, Fuel Fitting)
RA-95D07-1 (Mount, Isolation)
RA-A29D66 (Mixer, Head)
RA-A55D91 (Gasket, Nozzle Holder)
RA-D02C12 (Spark Plug)

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