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600700-0000 (Turbocharger Assembly)

Manufacturer Part # Make/TCH Model/Series Supplement
Rajay Model 301E10-2, P/N RJ0328
Model 325E10-2, P/N RJ0332
Rotomaster (HET) Model 3BT5EE10J2, P/N 103574-00
Model 3BT5EE10J2, P/N 103574-00
The Enstrom Helicopter Corp. F-28C S/N 003 thru 303, 305 thru 330, 280C S/N 1001 thru 1019, 1021 & 1022, F-28C (with STC SE100GL installed) S/N 304, 331 and up, 280C (with STC SE100GL installed) S/N 1020, 1023 and up, F-28F (with STC SE484GL installed) S/N 506, 507, 509 thru 743, 280F (with STC SE484GL installed) S/N 1212, 1500 and up, 280FX (with STC SE484GL installed) S/N 2000 and up 41
Avco Lycoming LW-13965 (HET 600578-00),
46A21184 (HET 600578-00)
Lycoming HIO-360-E1AD, -E1BD (with STC SE100GL installed), HIO-360-F1AD (with STC SE484GL installed), TO-360-C1A6D, TO-360-F1A6D, TO-360-A1A6D, TIO-360-C1A6D 41

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