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Hartzell Engine Technologies Announces It Has Received FAA PMA For Its New 202F Series Fuel Pumps Used On Lycoming Engines

September 24, 2014

HET 202F series fuel pumps are a direct replacement for the Crane/Lear Romec RG9570 series engine-driven fuel pumps.

Montgomery, AL, September 24, 2014 — Representatives of Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, announced today that the company has received FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for is new 202F series fuel pumps.

“We designed, developed and certified our new 202F series fuel pumps to fill a need in the market. The original Crane/Lear Romec RG9570 pumps required for certain Lycoming engines are no longer in production,” Mike Disbrow, president of Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) said. “Now owners of these engines have a new alternative.”

Disbrow explained that the HET 202F series pumps not only provide equal performance to the Crane/Lear Romec units they replace, the new HET pumps offer some significant design advancements.

“One of the most significant differences between the new HET fuel pumps and the old Crane/Lear Romec pumps is that our units use new carbon vanes, whereas the prior-generation units use steel vanes,” Disbrow said. “Because they are less abrasive than steel vanes, our new carbon vanes can dramatically reduce overall wear to the pump’s liner, which is the heart of the pump and a very expensive component to replace.”

“We are also able to tightly tolerance these vanes to improve pump performance and reduce pressure fluctuations,” he said.

The newly FAA PMA’d 202F fuel pumps join HET’s already PMA’d 200F (replacing various Crane/Lear Romec RG9080 series pumps) and 201F (replacing various Crane/Lear Romec RG17980 series pumps). HET fuel pumps are applicable for use on a wide variety of Lycoming engines.

The new 202F series fuel pumps include two part numbers covering specific installations:

#1: 202F-1001 replace the Crane/Lear Romec RG9570K1 fuel pumps found on Lycoming engines used on the Grob G120, and Beechcraft Turbocharged Baron and Duke.

#2: 202F-1002 replace the Crane/Lear Romec RG9570P1 fuel pumps found on Lycoming engines used on the Piper Turbo Saratoga and Turbo Lance.

All new Hartzell fuel pumps purchased from an authorized distributor carry a two-year/1,000-hour (whichever comes first) warranty.

About Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC.
Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, along with its sister company, Hartzell Propeller Inc., form the general aviation business unit of Tailwind Technologies Inc., a growing aerospace technology company. Hartzell Engine Technologies is the leading OEM supplier of aircraft cabin heating solutions and engine accessories, including turbocharging systems, aircraft alternators, starters and fuel pumps. For further information about Hartzell Engine Technologies and its products please visit:

Hartzell 202F Fuel Pump

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