Lycoming X-Drive Series


  • Lightweight neodymium permanent magnet motor
  • Compact design with left or right placement of external solenoid
  • Solenoid engagement
  • Built in contactor
  • Drive pinion supported by bearings on both ends
Part # Availability Volt Ring Gear Teeth Solenoid Position Rotation Weight
SRB-9021 New 24 149 LH CW
Replaces: MHB-4016, MHB-6016, MHB-4018, MHB-6018, MHB-4020, MHB-4005, MHB-4017
SRB-9022 New 24 122 LH CW
Replaces: MHJ-4004
SRB-9031 New 24 149 RH CW
Replaces: MHB-4016, MHB-6016
SRB-9032 New 24 122 RH CW
Replaces: MMU-4001, MMU-6001
SRZ-9021 New 12 149 LH CW
Replaces: MZ-4222, MZ-6222, MZ-4224, MZ-6224, MZ-4226, MZ-6226
SRZ-9022 New 12 122 LH CW
Replaces: MZ-4204, MZ-6204
SRZ-9031 New 12 149 RH CW
Replaces: MZ-4222, MZ-6222, MZ-4225
SRZ-9032 New 12 122 RH CW
Replaces: MZ-4204, MZ-6204
While the products listed are direct replacements for existing aircraft installations, there is no guarantee our recommendations are absolute due to unforeseen variations, modifications, and/or manufacturer changes to an aircraft/rotorcraft or engine over the years. Please reference the Application Charts.