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Hartzell Engine Technologies cabin heating systems are unfazed by the most demanding conditions. Manufacturing systems originally developed by Janitrol, HET manufactures FAA-TSO approved combustion heaters. Often used in twin engine aircraft and large cabin helicopters, where maintaining warmth is more difficult, these systems efficiently maintain a comfortable cabin at altitude or in cold climates.

These heating systems utilize ship fuel metered by an integral control and ignited in a specialized chamber under a continuous combustion process with the exhaust being routed overboard. A separate electric blower system moves air from the aircraft environmental control system through a heat exchanger surrounding the combustion tube, warming the air and returning it to the aircraft cabin.

heating systems

Developed by Hartzell, I-Series Aircraft Heaters upgrade and replace the OEM installed Janitrol B-Series heaters. Our I-Series features a combustion tube made from Inconel. As a high temperature superalloy, Inconel provides superior resistance to heat erosion compared to the coated stainless steel material utilized in the B-Series and other aircraft heaters.

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heating systems

C&D offers a line of combustion heaters for general aviation aircraft, as well as FAA-PMA replacement parts for South Wind and Janitrol heaters.

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