Troubleshooting: Starters

Q: I am installing an X-Drive aircraft starter and cannot install the one bolt used on most starter installations due to clearance issue between the pinion and the solenoid. What should I do?
Tags: clearance, pinion, solenoid, starter, x-drive
Q: I just installed an X-Drive starter, hooked up the starter cable, turned the key and nothing happened. What’s the problem?
Tags: cable, doesn't start, starter, unresponsive, x-drive
Q: I have been told I have a bad starter. While it is easy to replace, I would like to know some of the things that are found bad?
Tags: bad, replace, starter
Q: I have a broken gear on my aircraft starter, what could be the causes?
Tags: broken gear, causes, starter
Q: I’ve been told that the starter drive needs to be lubricated. Does the starter drive need to be removed from the starter to do this? How often should I lubricate and what product is best to use?
Tags: drive, lubricated, product, removal, starter
Q: The starter drive will not engage every time, when it does the start is normal. What is the reason?
Tags: engage, inconsistent, starter
Q: After starting several times with a new starter, I noticed that some damage was evident on the starter ring gear. Please explain?
Tags: damage, ring gear, starter
Q: I recently installed an aircraft starter and when I engaged it, I hear only the motor running. What is the cause?
Tags: engage, no sound, starter
Q: I recently installed a new aircraft starter. It engages but cranks very slowly. Sometimes it takes several attempts to start. What could be the problem?
Tags: inconsistent, slow crank, starter